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interacting with people,
increase of motivation,
better time-management
these are only some of the advantages of co-working



Welcome to our website In accordance with the co-working idea we would like to introduce a brand new, unique and friendly space designed for working together with all the necessary office equipment. The experience we have gained enabled us to create an out-of-ordinary Co-working Office that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding Clients.

We have created the studio thinking of you and for you. What counts for us is the professionalism of our services, the complexity and unique ambience of Powiśle district.

Co-working – a quite new idea, however, dynamically developing. It lets drag people out of their homes and cafes and let them meet and share working space, which brings a lot of economic and social benefits. Working together turns out to be not only more efficient and creative but also more pleasant and less stressful.

Co-working –  for who –  for freelancers, easy riders, for the hard working, less hard working, creative, ambitious, reliable and less reliable

Co-working - for you and for EVERYBODY


ADVANTAGES of Co-working


One space – many desks
One printer – many printouts
One scanner – many scans
One coffee maker – many coffees
One front office – many companies

What can you gain

More people – more contacts
More people – more ideas
More people – more mobilization
More people – more savings

What can you lose



Solec 81B lok A-58
00-382 Warszawa
tel. 22 24 54 200
tel.kom. 664 126 992


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