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interacting with people,
increase of motivation,
better time-management
- these are only some of the advantages of co-working

Studio makes available functional working stations with a suitable subscription.


t is great convenience for people who do not have their own office and have to work at home or in coffee shops. In our Studio you will find quietness on the one hand and the possibility to exchange opinions with other freelancers on the other hand.


Conference rooms  

We offer you 2 fully equipped conference rooms (small accommodating 6 people, large accommodating 12 people). The rooms are equipped with projectors, Wi-Fi, flipcharts, magnetic boards, coffee makers. Catering at request.


Chill out room  

“Treacherous inspiration – sometimes comes, sometimes goes”
A moment of relaxation in our chill out room will not harm even the busiest people.


Professional Reception  

Professional Reception will provide you with professional help in the scope of information as well as printing, sending faxes, scanning and making copies.


Super Fast Internet  

We offer a permanent access to the Internet.



In the close neighbourhood there are plenty of parking spaces. You will not have any troubles finding one for your two and four-wheeled vehicles.


Coffee Point  

Our offer includes coffee, tea and water without limitations. Catering at request.


Virtual office  

Another facility for people seeking ways to lower the costs of running a company are our virtual office services, which allow you to register your company at the prestigious address in Powiśle district.




Solec 81B lok A-58
00-382 Warszawa
tel. 22 24 54 200
tel.kom. 664 126 992


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